Need a place to cool down with the hot Texas heat? You may want to pack your bags and head over to this beautiful river in San Marcos, Texas!

Image via Radio NB

San Marcos is home to just over 63,000 people and has a college built in the middle. Texas State University is built on top of the San Marcos river where hundreds of thousands of college kids and families go floating every year. The river is usually 70 degrees year round so it is the perfect thing to swim in when it’s a hot summer day.

The San Marcos flows right next to Texas State and families can float it with their kids at the river is not too aggressive. There are many parks in downtown San Marcos where you can easily park your car and hop right in!

The river will take you slowly down the city of San Marcos and you will be easily be able to get off without any rapids sweeping you away.

Gif via Giphy

We know where we are going to cool down this summer, what do you have in your plans?