Many Texans were appalled to hear that our beloved Texas hamburger chain, Whataburger, had been sold to a Chicago company.  What would this mean for our favorite high-quality fast food?  Would the company keep local favorites or would they change the chain so much that we would no longer recognize it?    

Although there has been little to judge since the acquisition by BDT, we decided to look at some of Whataburger’s decisions before selling a majority share to the equity firm.  We were thrilled to see that one of their most recent innovations was, perhaps, the most Texas dessert you could imagine: the Dr. Pepper Shake!

If you have not ever really traveled outside of Texas, you may not realize just how much of a local favorite this non-cola drink is, but it can actually be difficult to find in many parts of the United States.  Therefore, the combination of pure Dr. Pepper syrup and iconic Whataburger vanilla ice cream in one of the chain’s beloved shakes is about as Texas as you can get.  As for how it tastes?  If you are a fan of a classic Coke float or a root beer float, then you will probably love it! 

So grab a couple of friends, head down to your local Whataburger, and try this treat yourself!

Its flavor will make you think that Whataburger means what it says, that they will always be Texan and represent Texans in a way that makes us proud!