In Austin, you may be able to go out and find a local river or a lake anywhere. It’s such a beautiful area and the possibilities are endless for exploration.

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There’s no place like the creek.

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If you are the outdoor type and love to explore, I think we found the right place for you. Bull Creek District Park and Greenbelt is located in Austin, Texas and is a perfect mini getaway.

The park is filled with walking trails (hence the greenbelt name) and has little bodies of water around the area for you to take a quick dive in, or for your furry friend to play in. Every spot you walk to has a beautiful point to take photos, relax or take a little swim!

The park is open from 5AM to 10PM so you are able to head to this park just about any time you want. This is also a free park, so you don’t have to worry about any entry fees to get in.