June 27th is something that is mentioned around Houston a lot, and many people think it has something to do with DJ Screw’s birthday. This is a heavy misconception as his birthday is on July 20th. Many will also tell you It was about DJ Screw and his death, but this was in November of 2000.

June 27th was actually the rapper Big DeMo’s birthday, and DJ Screw created a 35 minute freestyle titled this in honor of his birthday. Big DeMo was the 2nd rapper to freestyle on this iconic song for DJ Screw. This song would eventually become a Houston legend song, and people would celebrate it from time to come. People also look to famous rapper Drake and his rendition of it as well. His version let the newer generation of people learn about the flow and style of Houston rap.

Image via Houstonia

Many people will declare June 27th a city holiday, and we don’t blame you. This is a day about Houstons’ culture and music that many should be celebrating, even outside of Houston.

DJ Screw’s legacy will always live on, and he is the reason why June 27th is such a popular date in Houston. There is no debate he is one of The Godfathers of Houston rap.