Have you been wanting to get away for Summer? We found one of the better parks in Texas to hike and relax!

Image via Texas.gov

Lost Maples State Park in Vanderpool, Texas is a beauty to travel through. Wether you want to take a hike through the beautiful trails of the park or take a break near the creek and take a dive, Lost Maples has everything for the outdoor enthusiast.

Lost Maples State Park is about two hours away from San Antonio so it’s not like this is going to be the longest road trip of the summer. You can get here with the family ready to camp, or just to enjoy your day throughout the park.

Image via REI.com

At Lost Maples, you are able to go camping at any of the campsites available throughout the park. You can also hike, fish and also go birding! There are plenty of options out here, and the land is so open waiting for you to explore it.

Image via Texas.gov

Lost Maples State Park is open for the summer, and you will be able to head there with the family, or even travel alone- Whichever you please. You have access to multiple actives while out there so, what are you waiting for? Head out to Lost Maples State Park and enjoy yourself. We all need a good break from the city from time to time.