When something goes bump in the night, do you run screaming or bump back?  At the Haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas, you are about to get the opportunity to show exactly how brave you are by staying overnight in a haunted hotel. 

I love this picture! You can actually see the face of the young child looking at the ball. This is the Children's room where our young spirits enjoy visiting.

Posted by Haunted Magnolia Hotel Seguin, Texas on Friday, July 26, 2019

Whether you believe in ghosts or think there is always an explanation for the spooky stuff, this hotel’s history is enough to have you questioning whether or not ghosts are real. 

It has been featured on several different ghost-hunting type shows, with several visitors claiming to have captured documentation of the ghosts at the hotel.  For several years, the current owners have been running regular ghost-hunting tours of the hotel, giving people the opportunity to visit with groups and see if they can see some of the hotel’s legendary spirits. 

For some, these big group visits are not enough.  People have been clamoring for the opportunity to stay the night in the hotel, which gives them a longer chance to investigate and a quieter experience that they believe might increase their chances of a witnessing some paranormal activity.  The owners have complied and will be opening up the hotel for overnight stays in the coming months.  Are you brave enough to join them?