One of the best kept secrets in Texas is located in sleepy, rural Sheridan, about an hour and a half outside of Houston and the same distance from San Antonio.  It is Splashway Waterpark and Campground, and it is the summer retreat you did not know you need.

There are waterparks all around the Houston and San Antonio areas, so you may wonder what makes Splashway so special.  We think there are a few things that make it stand out among the competition.

The first thing you notice about Splashway is how well staffed it is.  You see plenty of lifeguards at all of the attractions, and they are very clearly watching what is going on, so that they can be prepared to act in an emergency.  You see similar staffing levels at the concession stand, gift shops, and other attractions, so that everything moves as quickly as possible.

The next thing you notice is how friendly everyone is.  Plenty of people come to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions, so you hear announcements about birthdays, as well as being asked to honor the troops and the flag. 

Finally, Splashway is very affordable.  In addition to affordable daily ticket prices, they let you bring in food and drinks, and have specials throughout the summer, making it one of the most affordable theme park experiences in the state.