Out near the West Texas town of El Paso is one of the most fascinating state parks in all of Texas.  Hueco Tanks, located at 6900 Hueco Tanks Road No. 1 in El Paso, is named for the huecos, or pools of rain water that collected in the natural rock basins in the park. 

The area was long considered a sacred site for the state’s indigenous people, but also has a controversial history, since a Texas Ranger led ambush of an Apache tribe occurred in the area that would one day become the state park.

Modern visitors still come to enjoy the sacred serenity the park offers, as well as to learn more about Texas’s complicated and fascinating state history.

The park is in a protected area and limits use of its self-guided areas to 70 visitors each day, but you can call ahead to reserve your permits for visiting.

You can also public areas or even camp at one of the park’s 20 campsites.  While you are there, take in the unique beauty of the desert, view pictographs and petroglyphs, hike, bird-watch, or enjoy some rock climbing.