Everyone loves to complain about the summertime heat in Texas, but without that summer heat, we might not have had a Texas favorite- Blue Bell ice cream. 

Blue Bell Creamery got its start as the Brenham Creamery Company in 1907, when a group of local businessmen decided that they could make butter from the excess cream brought in from farmers in the area.  Everyone loves butter, but their idea really took off when they decided they could make ice cream, too. 

They originally delivered this ice cream by horse and buggy to neighbors in the Brenham area, establishing it as a local favorite.

In 1930, they decided to change the name of the creamery to Blue Bell to celebrate the native Texas blue bell flower, and a Texas icon was born!

Whether you are a vanilla purist, or eager to try all of their favorites, you have the opportunity to visit a little piece of history and some small town nostalgia by visiting Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham.  There you can get a scoop of ice cream in the parlor, tour the facility, learn about the company’s history, and do some shopping in the visitor’s center.  It is a great daytrip for people in nearby cities, and a must-see destination for ice-cream lovers, anywhere.