Friday, September 22nd

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By Houstonians, for Houstonians.

‘It’s A Houston Thing’ grew from the creative minds of three Houston locals who envisioned a local media source and lifestyle brand devoted to the unique city of Houston.

We believe the unique culture that Houston holds came from Houstonians diversity, love, and support for each other. We believe that in Houston, everyone has the opportunity to be greater, and to be someone. This is what makes Houston different- nowhere else have we found a culture as unique, and that’s because it’s a Houston thing.

Our vision is to provide the people of Houston with relevant local news, creative lifestyle stories, human interest articles and more. To achieve this vision, we strive to only deliver content, media, and clothing based on the Houston lifestyle. In hopes of bringing the community together, we have teamed up with many local bars, restaurants, and businesses in Downtown Houston to host and promote monthly large-scale Pub Crawls and events. Growing from only a few hundred people in 2016, thousands of Houstonians now come to enjoy themselves with friends and family.

We are grateful to be provided with the opportunity to organize these events which have supported local Houston businesses and grown the sense of community in the city. If you are a business owner in Downtown Houston who would like to participate in our Pub Crawls, please reach out to us. As Houstonians, we want to use our influence to support other Houstonians, grow our community, and improve our city.

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